Friday, 10 September 2010

New home and new home

First, this blog has a new home at I would love for you to come visit me over there and to say hello. I'm still getting used to Wordpress though so I'm not sure if you can follow me or how I keep track of all your blogs but I will work it out! Plus there's lots of bits and bobs I need to do to polish it but I was too excited to wait for all of that! Oh and this is a big ask, if you link to me could you update your link please? It would be very very much appreciated.

Over there I also tell you about my new home :) So please come and find out where, if you haven't done so already!

Thanks, M xx

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Images from Istanbul

A few snaps from our trip to Turkey last week. It was a fabulous visit, spent with wonderful friends and seeing some lovely sights. I'll write a little more about it soon but work is busy and I am tired (although refreshed mentally from the holiday).