Friday, 30 October 2009

London in the Autumn

I had to go to Mayfair yesterday morning to do something for work and so I walked there through Green Park. It was a lovely autumnal day yesterday, rather mild but misty in the morning with the full scale of autumn colours showing in the trees. Hopefully these pictures capture some of what it's like here right now, although we're forecast for a rainy weekend. So welly boots and puddles here I come!

Thursday, 29 October 2009


I have no ideas for a Halloween costume for Saturday night. Any suggestions for easy costumes which I can transform myself into much appreciated. I also have no time... Except for maybe a dash out this evening. Ahhhhhhhh!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Wedding Photos and the Ivy

We have some friends through church who we don't see too regularly. They got married the week before us this January just gone and were a great support during our wedding planning. Others to share our thoughts and woes with! And so this weekend we finally caught up with them and shared our photos. After church we headed off to their flat, they have an amazing photo album produced which is also very heavy so we had to go to them to see it!

Their photos were beautiful, they both looked stunning, her dress especially was amazing. She had it made for her and the details were amazing. Plus it was so lovely to see their wedding at long last. We of course shared our photos too, taking over our Photobox photobook.

And then we headed off to The Ivy for lunch. They've been going there a long time and know the staff well, so of course service was superb. Although if I'm honest I'm not sure that the food quality isn't going down. The first time I ate there it was fabulous and each time since it's not been quite so good. Maybe the sheen of going there has worn off which is part of it, or perhaps its just that they don't need to be so good now as they have enough business. Plus as J and I both noticed their prices are slowly creeping up... But it did give J an opportunity to try the burger as part of his quest, check out his blog for a review soon.

And I guess I should be more grateful that we are able to spend a lovely weekend and top it off with Sunday lunch at the Ivy. And it really was a great weekend. Nice to take my mind off work!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Clothes Swap 2

On Saturday my sister held another clothes swap. This time there were five of us and we were a little more selective on the clothes we bought. Plus my sister made us a proper tea party beforehand. So below we have, homemade carrot cake (yummy, yummy, yummy) chocolate brownies, ham sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches, tea and pink bubbles. It was lovely and a great way to start the afternoon's fun.

And then on to the clothes swap. Lovely piles of pretty things which were all like new. We tried, some worked, some not so well. And then we did a sales session, who wanted what. Again we were somehow very good at not arguing over who got what, one coin toss solved that all.

I got two news scarves and two new tops. Really nice, handy for winter and of course I got rid of some bits and bobs as well. Which is always good in a tiny house in London!

So sister is planning another one in Spring, twice a year for the seasons. And more 'new' clothes every now and then with no guilt. Any questions about how we did it let me know.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Pole Dancing I

I had my first pole dancing class on Wednesday night and it was much fun! There were 9 of us in the class, 3 per pole and the rest of the girls were lovely. I felt very self-conscious in my little shorts (purchased that lunch hour) but everyone else was also wearing shorts so I swallowed my embarrassment and got stuck in. We warmed up with lots of stretching, which hurt, I have no flexibility anymore, but felt good to be stretching again. And then we were at the poles. It started easy and I thought okay, maybe this isn't so hard. Until we had to do our first spin. The firemans spin.

Our teacher makes it look so easy, so smooth. Until we started going. Clumsy but trying hard. It took a few goes to get the idea and then we were all spinning round nicely and landing without thumps and looking kind of elegant.

By the end of the class we had done a little routine, a few spins and then some pole conditioning. This sounds simple but jeez, it's tough. Especially when like me you have no upper body strength. I can't even do a push up... So to basically do a chin up on the pole using only my strength and no jumping was an impossibility for me. Maybe at the end of the six weeks I'll get there...

I now have sore muscles, not too bad but I can feel it. They've been worked. Plus a nice bruise on my calf, a war wound as it were. And I felt good at the end of the class. The challenge of learning something new. Doing things with confidence and holding your head up when dancing and meeting a lovely group of girls.

I also have an even greater respect for the Un-Bride, she must be strong... No wonder also she has an amazing figure, check her wedding pictures for proof. And I would recommend this. I've gone through the pole dancing school and my teacher is lovely, plus they've been really helpful. More to follow next week I'm sure :)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Work, work, work. Eat, Sleep. Right now it kind of feels like this. Busy, busy, busy, my mind isn't on top of things. But it's good. It's challenging and rewarding at times so not all is to complain about. I also have my first pole dancing class tonight, more on that tomorrow I'm sure!

Until then, I've found a new Simon's cat short film. I love these films, they always make me smile. However due to my lack of skills I can't embed video on my blog. Maybe someone can tell me how? Instead I shall offer a link to The Official Simon's Cat website. Check it out if you have time :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Autumnal London

London has turned decidedly autumnal recently, I'm seeing my breath in the morning and have started to wear my gloves in the morning. It's also that time of year when you get some fabulous light in the mornings and early evenings, the low light which gently washes over everything bringing it to life, especially when you get a moody dark sky threatening rain.

So here's to a quiet hungover Saturday. I released some stress last night by getting really very pissed on a team dinner. But it felt good at the time and it was a really very enjoyable evening.

Only another 9 weeks to go of work, work, work and then it's Christmas followed by Argentina. So I shall think of that to get me through the next few weeks. We've got lots of planning to do and will soon be receiving our packing and information pack. More on that soon I'm sure.

Enjoy your weekends. M x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A few of my favourite things...

Here is hopefully the first of a series all about my favourite things. Items or activities which I just love and want to tell everyone about. So here goes...

I've been working longer than normal hours recently and not sleeping so well because I'm worrying about everything I have to do. So I've been very much in need of this item:

MAC Studio Finish SPF35 concealer

This bad boy covers even the darkest circles which loom under my eyes, perks them up, makes me look human and if I wear no other make up I wear this.

I've never tried Touche Eclat, I probably should (opinions on this would be welcomed) but for now this little pot does me just fine.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday Madness

If you're in need of something to make you smile this Monday check out this link... One of those lovely stories one can't help but smile about on the BBC news website.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Woo hoo it's Friday!

Image from Cute Overload

And because it's raining again here are some cute piggies for you :) It's been a long week, work has been busy, I feel exhausted. Thanks for all your support earlier in the week, I really appreciated it and have been thinking long and hard about everything you said. Off for dinner tonight, should be nice, then to sleep for a long time.

Enjoy your weekend's! M xx

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

J is famous... Almost

Can you spot him last night on the BBC news at 6 and at 10? He's currently at the Conservative Party conference with work and managed to be caught on TV. Very exciting!

Monday, 5 October 2009

On being asked about your weight and what follows...

Image from Cute Overload

I have just been asked if I have put on weight. To which I had to be honest and say yes. But I was surprised I was asked, it is not something one normally does! However the person asking is a Middle Eastern lady who is part of the group I am currently managing a programme for. I met her first in May and she hasn't seen me since then. Does this then make it okay for her to ask if I am getting fatter?
And is it okay for me to feel hurt that I was asked even if I know it to be true?
Mine is a creeping weight gain, a little here and there which as it is adding up is becoming a lot. I know I need to do something about it. I have known this for a while. Big sister has been great and encouraging, I have been useless.
But I have done one thing... Give up my gym membership which I was wasting money on each month and not using. And instead signed up for a six week pole dancing course. My course starts in two and a half weeks. I hope that by doing this I will regain some interest in exercise and begin the slow journey down the weight loss road. Any suggestions/support/ideas much appreciated.
M x

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Automat - Review

Last night J and I went to Automat for dinner. We had to go in fairly early because it was so busy! But we think it was worth it. We kicked the night off with Moscow Mules, the perfect way to take the edge off a long week. For starter I had a roasted tomato, avocado and mozzarella salad. It was nice, full of flavour with a yummy dressing. J had a chopped salad with mozzarella, classic diner starter as he put it. Both were good.

And then we were on to the main item, the burger! We both had the Automat cheese burger with fries. As seen above. Sorry for the blur we were trying to take photos without flash! The burger was yummy, meaty, simple and with a toasted sesame bun. Plus the bottle of Argentinan Sangiovese/Malbec we chose to go with it was lovely.

We finished up with a shared apple pie and a glass of Tokai 5 puts. Fabulous! I would recommend this place for an expensive American Diner experience which is worth the money. Plus if you like Burgers this is a good one!

And on that note, check out this link, J has started a blog to document his missions to try and find the best burger in London. So if you're intersested in that kind of thing head on over :)