Friday, 23 October 2009

Pole Dancing I

I had my first pole dancing class on Wednesday night and it was much fun! There were 9 of us in the class, 3 per pole and the rest of the girls were lovely. I felt very self-conscious in my little shorts (purchased that lunch hour) but everyone else was also wearing shorts so I swallowed my embarrassment and got stuck in. We warmed up with lots of stretching, which hurt, I have no flexibility anymore, but felt good to be stretching again. And then we were at the poles. It started easy and I thought okay, maybe this isn't so hard. Until we had to do our first spin. The firemans spin.

Our teacher makes it look so easy, so smooth. Until we started going. Clumsy but trying hard. It took a few goes to get the idea and then we were all spinning round nicely and landing without thumps and looking kind of elegant.

By the end of the class we had done a little routine, a few spins and then some pole conditioning. This sounds simple but jeez, it's tough. Especially when like me you have no upper body strength. I can't even do a push up... So to basically do a chin up on the pole using only my strength and no jumping was an impossibility for me. Maybe at the end of the six weeks I'll get there...

I now have sore muscles, not too bad but I can feel it. They've been worked. Plus a nice bruise on my calf, a war wound as it were. And I felt good at the end of the class. The challenge of learning something new. Doing things with confidence and holding your head up when dancing and meeting a lovely group of girls.

I also have an even greater respect for the Un-Bride, she must be strong... No wonder also she has an amazing figure, check her wedding pictures for proof. And I would recommend this. I've gone through the pole dancing school and my teacher is lovely, plus they've been really helpful. More to follow next week I'm sure :)


Being Brazen said...

So impressed you doing pole dancing.

Sounds like it was fun!


Have a fab weekend

everybodysaysdont said...

Good for you! Sounds fun. Have a good weekend! xx

the un-bride said...

Congrats on surviving your first class! Believe me, I was tragic when I started ... I'm proof that anybody can do it, with a little determination and a lot of humor.

Keep us posted!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

It does sound a lot harder than it looks - well done for getting into it! xx

Liberty London Girl said...

Wow! that requires flexibility! LLGxx

Marie said...

It does require flexibility... Which I am a long way from right now but I'll get there. Even if my arms do still hurt!

Thanks for the support. Next time I'll get photos of my bruises to prove the effort going into this :)

Molly said...


Lovely blog! Could you possibly let me know which teacher you had at the Pole Dancing School? I've been considering it and you've made my mind up!

Thanks so much xX