Monday, 5 October 2009

On being asked about your weight and what follows...

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I have just been asked if I have put on weight. To which I had to be honest and say yes. But I was surprised I was asked, it is not something one normally does! However the person asking is a Middle Eastern lady who is part of the group I am currently managing a programme for. I met her first in May and she hasn't seen me since then. Does this then make it okay for her to ask if I am getting fatter?
And is it okay for me to feel hurt that I was asked even if I know it to be true?
Mine is a creeping weight gain, a little here and there which as it is adding up is becoming a lot. I know I need to do something about it. I have known this for a while. Big sister has been great and encouraging, I have been useless.
But I have done one thing... Give up my gym membership which I was wasting money on each month and not using. And instead signed up for a six week pole dancing course. My course starts in two and a half weeks. I hope that by doing this I will regain some interest in exercise and begin the slow journey down the weight loss road. Any suggestions/support/ideas much appreciated.
M x


Being Brazen said...

Ive also picked up a tiny bit of weight lately around my thighs (which is horrid) but its all my fault, Ive been eating what i want and not exercising. So I am going to try strat jogging again :)

and i also plan tot try do more home exercises (skipping rope, tummy crunches, etc)

Good luck getting healthy...cause rember its all about being healthy, not being skinny :)

everybodysaysdont said...

ooh that's a tough one, I could ask a friend if they've put on weight, but not someone at work I didn't know very well. Maybe you look better with a bit more weight? I might comment if I thought someone looked better a bit bigger (one of my close friends has been a size 6 and is now a 12 and looks SO much better)
Good luck with the pole dancing course! Keep us informed!
And I agree with Being Brazen - Healthy is more important than skinny! xxxx

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

pole dancing!? fun times. i haven't exercised regularly in a year. it was okay for a while. now i've hit the weight gaining point. don't know how to get back into the gym. ugh.

Rachel said...

pole dancing is so much fun.

I should do more exercise: skinny does not mean in shape.

Kylli said...

I didn't think you looked any bigger in the recent pictures I have seen of you. harsh question to be asked - I wouldn't be happy with it.

I hear you though, I have lost 1 kilo!!! yay........but everything is just a lot more jiggly than I would like since having a baby and turning 30 and not having enough time to exercise. I am trying to focus on the fact I am a size 12 - active and eat well most of the time which is the main thing. Which you are too............maybe us women should be searching for the secret to be happy within ourselves for being fit and healthy but not perfect!! :)

Marie said...

@Brazen - Yes you're right, I should be happy with being healthy and focus on little things that can make a difference. One day I will start running again...

@everybodysaysdon't - I agree, close friends fine but someone who hardly knows me! Ah well. Focus changed, healthy here I come :) And of course I'll let you know about the pole dancing.

@Color me Green - Pole Dancing is so I don't have to go back to the gym... Try thinking of other ways to exercise which are more fun, much easier on the motivation front!

@Rachel - Maybe... But it does mean fitting into trousers :) And if you want to join me on any long walks/hikes/shopping trips to help burn some calories let me know :)

@Kylli - Congratulations! That's good news. And yes, you're right, women shouldn't feel so pressurised to be a certain size and being happy within yourself is so much more attractive than being unhappy and the 'right' size. Right time for a mental shift! Xxx

Make Do Style said...

I think that's a cultural thing as in being at ease discussing such things.
not sure about pole dancing - probably tone but no weight loss, you'll soon find out.

Walk a bit more drink/eat a little bit less you'll be fine.

Ross said...

For a more comedy look at the situation, this video re-edit...

Savvy Gal said...

a lot of asian older women will ask about weight too. annoys me.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I've totally put weight on, too, but it's really a back and forth thing.

I'm with you in that it was totally rude for her to ask. However, it might be a cultural thing. My boyfriend's Indian family is constantly calling each other fat... I find it super weird, but to them it's just normal. So she might not have meant anything offensive!

Marie said...

@Make Do Style - I do think it was a cultural thing. And yes the pole dancing will probably just make my arms a bit stronger. But for now that will do. And yes I will be fine.

@Ross - Brilliant, but also scary.

@Savvy Gal - Hello, it is a bit odd isn't it when it's not something you're used to at all. Maybe we should be more used to talking about it though?

@K@Blog Goggles - I'm sure she didn't mean anything offensive, she really is very sweet. I wonder if in cultures where it's a more open thing whether the rates of obesity are different? And yes if it's not your culture and not something you're used to it's very very odd!

the un-bride said...

As to being sensitive when someone asks about your weight: there's no cure for normal, doll. We all wish we could "rise above it" ... let me know if anyone actually achieves that, will you?

As to the pole dancing course: I teach pole classes in L.A. It's silly amounts of fun. And also amazing for your arms & upper body. But mostly fun. Report back!