Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Time marching on

I cannot believe it's almost Christmas already. This time last year I was at home with my parents and sisters and meeting my little nephew for the first time. I was so excited about my impending wedding and concerned about the size of my waist.

This year I am at work until the last possible point. Very excited about our upcoming Argentina trip and still concerned about the size of my expanding waist. Someone said yesterday that apparently it is common to put on 1 stone in your first year of marriage. Something it seems I am giving a good shot at.

However for now I shan't concern myself with such trivial matters!

For the days are now beginning to get longer, there's a new year marching inwards, full of hopes and dreams. And memories of the year just past to store away.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading and following my words and thoughts. It means the world to me to get comments and exchange thoughts with you all. And of course I love reading your blogs too and 'getting to know you'. Hopefully we can continue this too in the new year!


agirl said...

'Tis lovely to get to know you too my dear. Hope you have a very merry run up to Christmas, and see lots of you in the new year!

everybodysaysdont said...

Lovely getting to know you too! Maybe we should meet up for a real drinky sometime too? Do email me (Samantha) everybodysaysdont0@gmail.com Have a great holiday, and don't worry about your waistline it will sort itself out (I put on weight in the first part of my marriage, but then it sorted itself out)

Make Do Style said...

Can't wait for your Argentinian tales and photos!

Krista said...

I admit, I had to look up what 1 stone was in pounds! For some reason, we may use pounds but we don't use stone.

I'm close to 1 stone gained ... in 6 months! Eeee! But last week I was back down 1 lb, so here's hoping I at least don't gain over Christmas. That might be asking a lot! (I'm trying to think and act positively though!)

Happy Christmas, Marie, and keepup the blogging!

Marie said...

@Agirl - Thanks for your lovely comment, hopefully hear lots from you in the New Year too.

@Everybodysaysdont - I shall be in touch when back from Argentina, it would be lovely to meet for real! And thanks for the reassurance. Sure it'll all be fine :)

@MDS - Can't wait to experience them to share with you all!

@Krista - Together I think we'll get through this and be back to our lovely selves by just over our 1 year mark. Otherwise pah to it all! Have a lovely Christmas.