Friday, 29 May 2009

More about Tripoli

So I realised I never finished telling you all about Tripoli and I have lots more pictures to share! Hopefully you'll find some of them interesting, and I promise I will move on soon and talk about other subjects!

These images are some from in and around Tripoli. I realised that there are some parts of it which are amazing, some which are hidden Italian architectural wonders and others which are just pretty dusty and dirty. It's a funny city, vibrant but sleepy.

And then for this one above there are some bits which I found more interesting. The little gazelle which is there for tourists to stroke. The dried seahorses they sell in the souk as good luck charms. And the gold stores with these huge necklaces which are gifted to the bride.

I hope somehow I've given you a little idea of Tripoli. Any questions please do ask!


Krista said...

Wow ... it's beautiful! :)

un-bride said...

I love reading about this! Especially since I'm not sure I can go there with my current passport. (Why are the places my gov't pisses off so interesting?)

LK said...

those are some really good photos. it looks really interesting. how many tourists do you see? It seems they are starting to try to market themselves as a tourist destination now, but I'm guessing it still feels pretty well un-hit on by tourists?

K @ Blog Goggles said...

This looks like such a lovely trip!

Marie said...

It was a great trip, especially as it was a work trip! And yes it is strangely beautiful. Although you are of course getting the beautiful selection! M x