Saturday, 7 November 2009

Goats and a date night

I had an awful day at work yesterday, too much to do, not enough time and rude people upsetting an already tired me. So it was with relief that I left the office to head over to meet J. We met at Black and Blue on Wigmore Street, where we both merrily polished off our burgers (which were pretty good burgers). A little bit of food, a beer and not being in the office and I was beginning to perk up.

So then we headed off to go and see The men who stare at goats at the cinema. I wanted to see this for a couple of reasons. One the story looked good, it's my kind of film. And secondly I really like George Clooney. Not just because he's very attractive but also because he's a great actor. And it lived up to my expectations. Based on a real story about a division of the US army it is both funny and slightly sinister with great acting from a great cast. I don't want to give too much away but suffice to say it's one of those stories which is so crazy it has to be true.

And so we walked home in the cold November night, enjoying each others company and our 'date night' (we never do date nights normally) and then to bed, sober, warm and glad to be home.


Being Brazen said...

Date nights are such a good idea. Glad you had a good one :)

Have a fabulous week.

PS - your comment cracked me up.

agirl said...

Black and Blue... Gosh, I'm hungry now. And I miss London.