Sunday, 24 January 2010

Argentina - Bariloche

Our first few days were spent in Bariloche. This is in the Patagonian Lake District. It is a beautiful town, very swiss in someways with Alpine architecture and St Bernard dogs in the main square. However the setting is stunning, between the Andes and the Esteppa (the flat bit in the middle of Argentina). We spent NY Eve in Bariloche, in a little restaurant called Naan, enjoying a set menu with of course beef for the main dish. And then at midnight we celebrated with bubbles and some paper lanterns which we released over the town. It was a pretty chilled out celebration but fun nonetheless.

The next day we went hiking with Max. To explain who Max is I need to explain how we organised the trip. Our entire trip (bar the transatlantic flights) was organised by Christie Pashby of the Patagonian Travel Co. Her husband is Max and he is a qualified guide. More on the trip organisation later.

Anyhow we went off out into the Esteppa. It was a grey day in Bariloche but out there it was bright sunshine and whipping wind! The hiking was great, seeing the landscape, the nature, being in the sunshine and enjoying being in a huge open space without anyone else there.

Photos are clockwise from top left, me on NY Eve, the Esteppa with the amazing wind whipped clouds, horses head in the Esteppa and the view back to Bariloche.

There's lots more to tell you about the days we spent in Bariloche so I shall wrap up this first post for the next one. Any questions let me know!


LK said...

the picture bottom left looks a bit like scotland! I like the horse head one.

Make Do Style said...

Wonderful. I long to go to Patagonia. I had a boss who was Patagonian, his first language was Welsh, second Spanish and third English!

Gorgeous photos.