Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Busy bee

I have managed to book in quite the long weekend so here goes on what's going on:

  • Collect dry cleaning
  • Clean some of house
  • General chores
  • Day 1 of Ashes at the Oval (woohoo!!) provided it doesn't rain too much of course
  • Day 2 of Ashes at the Oval
  • Pack for sister-in-law's wedding
  • Travel to Dorset with J in advance of wedding
  • Sister-in-law's wedding!
  • Recover...
  • Family BBQ (weather permitting)
  • Travel back to London
  • Final day of the Ashes!
  • Celebrate/commiserate
Should be fun, but not exactly relaxing. Hopefully though I will have pictures for you all as J and I are planning on buying our first Digital SLR. Another thing to sort out in the next few days!

News/Stories/Photos to come. In the mean time, wishing you all fabulous weekends and leaving you with this very cute dog to make you smile...

Photo from Cute Overload


Kylli said...

C'mon England!!! i shall be wearing my english shirt with pride over here in Australia :) I hope we will be celebrating. can you get Freddys autograph for me please? :)

Gaynor said...

Enjoy your weekend! Hope the wedding is fabulous!

Im afraid I cant get that excited about the ashes (still dont understand any of it) but will be cheering if England win!

Rose said...

ooh very jealous about the ashes. hope the wedding is wonderful and they get good weather. that litlte chap is too too cute, even for cute overload

Rachel said...

Great news for England but what did that mean for you today?x

Marie said...

Rachel - A day off! To sleep and clean. Which was kind of good :)