Monday, 10 August 2009


I have been steadily gaining weight since summer last year, not huge amounts, just my clothes are getting tighter month by month. I have also been paying for a gym membership since October which I have used about 6 times. Not good.

So here it is, I need to do something about getting fitter and trimmer. Not hugely but enough to feel better about myself. It is amazing how much difference 1 or 2 lbs can make.

J and I keep talking about running, which I would like to do. And I think I could enjoy it and it's a good thing to do as you really feel the difference. I also think I will give up my gym membership, I know this sounds odd, given I have been moaning about not being fit, but I don't enjoy going to the gym so it seems silly to pay for it. I was thinking about Pilates, but have no idea where to go for this. Anyone any thoughts on Pilates?

Or on trimming and getting fit in general? All advice/suggestions/help much appreciated.

And soon a perkier post about my weekend!


Ross said...

I can recommend a combination of hundredpushups(.com) and running. The pushup programme takes under five minutes every other day. Running takes a while, but you can build it into going places... i.e. running home.

Being Brazen said...

Try home exercises and jog/walking...Running is hard, but if you do a little bit everyday, one day you will be able to run far.

Also, make changes to your diet and drink loads of water.

Dont expect instant results. Just keep at it and try exercise a little at least 4-5 times a week - you will start seeing a difference


Marie said...

Ross, you could be on to something :) I shall see if I can enlist J into joining me on this.

Brazen - you are again right, I'm already at the drink lots of water stage, now to the change diet and exercise part. I shall get there, and thank-you for your support, you are a true star.

kylli said...

I have been feeling the same and the simple answer is get up off your a*se and get moving!! (and less alcohol, chocolate and cheese:) Coz I was sick I got out of the rhythm of exercising for 4 weeks and put on 2 kgs. Now my clothes just don't feel quite right and I feel frustrated and going backwards. But I'm back running at 6am 2 days week and trying to get into the garage, do some weights and do yoga at home. There must be loads of places in London that offer pilates - google it and try a few places!

Do you wanna see who can lose 2 kgs first?!?! A bit of sisterly competition might help :)

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