Monday, 3 August 2009

This weekend I...

  • Didn't get much sleep
  • Spent Friday night with three good friends, and had a great girly evening
  • Got up far too early for the train
  • Arrived at my sister-in-law's hen do
  • Forgot my bikini for a spa day (in my defence I've never been to a spa day before)
  • Had a lovely massage at the spa day
  • Enjoyed the steam room, jacuzzi, relaxation room and the general chilled out ness of the afternoon
  • Went out in Bournemouth for the hen do
  • Saw two rather ugly fights in bars
  • Danced the night away
  • Stayed up far too late but loved the chatting and laughing
  • Almost missed breakfast
  • Went fascinator shopping, no luck yet
  • Enjoyed seeing my husband upon my return to London
Did you all have fun weekends?


Being Brazen said...

your weekend sounds great. I was it was kind of dull :)

Rachel said...

sounds fun. i went to a hen party too!