Monday, 3 May 2010

Quilting Part 2

The leadership debates and bank holiday weekend have allowed me time to crack on with the quilting project I started a while back... The plan is to make two smallish quilts, one for each of my sisters and their new little ones (when they arrive).

So below is number 2, very similar to number 1 but slightly brighter in th greens I used.

And here we have both quilts side by side. I'm pleased with how they turned out and now just need to buy the backing material and sew them all together, for which I shall be using middle sister's sewing maching hopefully next weekend. And then we shall have some finished quilts (fingers crossed) which I will of course show you.
Hope you've been having good and productive long weekends. M x


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

wow didn't know you had a second sister also having a baby! lots of exciting things coming your family's way. i think they will really appreciate those quilts.

Make Do Style said...

They are lovely!

Kylli said...

They look great (from the 2nd or eldest sister!!:) )

Liberty London Girl said...

I SO admire you for quilting. I'm all fingers & thumbs. LLGxx

babypicturethis said...

They are fabulous. I wish I could do this, it's a serious achievement!

And by writing that you are borrowing a sowing machine, does it mean you did these by hand?!!!


Rose said...

aren't you clever! those are lovely- I've always quite fancied quilting but I say that about so many things and don't do them

Marie said...

@Julia - Thanks, I hope they'll appreciate them too... And it is very exciting :)

@Make Do Style - Thank-you, have to get some more fabric before can do another one!

@Kylli - Glad you like them.

@LLG - Thank-you *blushes*, but I'm sure you'd be far better at it than you think, just requires a little patience.

@babypicturethis - Yep, both done entirely by hand. Quite a satisfying endevour but also why it takes so long! And thank-you.

@Rose - I think it's a lovely thing to do but does take quite a lot of investment, if only to get proper cutting equipment to get all the squares the same size but fun to do nonetheless. And recommended!

HannahB said...

wow- lovely lovely colours! very inspiring!