Thursday, 13 May 2010

Help Needed! Hotel recommendations in Paris

Still on the list of things to do... Having completed number 3 by making creme caramel I am now looking at the others on the list. Number one on that list was to go to Paris for the weekend.

Last week I booked our Eurostar! And we're going in August, a long way away I know but I shall start planning now.

So I am looking for your help. Seeing as you lot are a well travelled lot can you give me recommendations of both areas and hotels to stay. My budget isn't huge and I know Paris is expensive so if it could also not be ridiculously expensive that would be wonderful!

Ideally we'll be based centrally, I don't really want to have to get the metro a lot. Especially as I imagine in August it'll probably be sticky and hot.

Looking forward to hearing all your ideas :) M x


Em said...

My favourite Paris hotel is Hotel Bonsejour Montmartre - it's not in the centre, but Montmartre is a fantastic place to be based, with a lovely villagey atmosphere, lots of cobbled streets, bars and restaurants. We rarely take the metro when we stay there - it's a really easy and very pleasant walk to the centre, takes about 20 mins or so depending on how much you dawdle!
The rooms are pretty simple, but you should definitely book one of the balcony rooms - they're the most expensive ones (still under €70 I think) but you can sit out on your balcony and enjoy a bottle of wine in the summer heat. Perfect.

MischiefbyLoki said...

Wish I could help. The one time I was in Paris I stayed overnight in some dodgy hostel. But, I was in college and poor and only in the city for about 28 hours. :) I'd love to go back. Jealous about your August trip. :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I loved the Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris hotel - it's not cheap though - 255 Euro/early August (do you have points at any of the hotel chains, I had a ton of Hilton points.) Impeccable service, English speaking staff, and lovely quiet neighborhood not far from the Metro though.

Kylli said...

The place Mum and I stayed was great, very close to The Louvre, and the river - as well as the uni and lots of great little places to eat. But I can't remember the name, Mum booked it maybe ask her on the weekend. x

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

We stayed at Hotel Golden Tulip Little Paris. It was a small room but we did have a balcony, view of Eiffel Tower and we walked most places. A Luxe City Guide to Paris though the hotels will be v expensive it is great for walks, shopping, bars, restaurants.

Marie said...

@Em - This place looks great and I love the little pug on their website. Almost worth going just to see if he lives there too. Thank-you!

@Mischeif by Loki - Sounds like fun though! I'm sure I shall post some photos so you can imagine you were there too... :)

@Chic 'n' Cheap Living - Unfortunately no points for me. I think I'd prefer to avoid big chains but then this could be foolish too. I shall have a look into it though and see if there's any deals :)

@Kylli - Thanks shall ask mama.

@Joan - Thank-you, I shall have a look online for them. And yes hopefully lots of walking, bars and restaurants shall be done!

westendmum said...

Monmartre is definitely a good base. Try some french onion soup (well maybe not in August!) The Place des Vosges is worth a look (oldest square in Paris). And the Père Lachaise Cemetery. Oh, it will be wonderful - jealous.
WEM xx

Louise said...

I'm not sure if I succeeded in posting before but I recommended Mama Shelter, a newish Phillip Starck hotel, near Pere Lachaise cemetery. It's cheap and wonderful

Metropolitan Mum said...

I have always been happy at the Sol Melia Hotels - both the Sol Melia Alexander Boutique and the Royal Alma Boutique Hotel are very charming. The rooms are teeny tiny (like everywhere in France), but very clean (not a given in Paris) and both Hotels are ultra central with a lot of places in walking distance. And as you might know, walking is 'comme il faut' in Paris. :-)

Eva said...

Im also going to paris this summer ! .. it deppends what exactly your looking for .. if your not sure boutique hotels are always great and pretty affordable .. check out

Anonymous said...

I dont want to be a kill joy but dont forget the French take their summer holidays in August lots of shops and services will be closed
If I were you I would check this out.

Hilde said...

The best hotel in Paris (although it's rather "French") cheap, very conveniently located in the very best part of town is Londres St. Honore on Rue St Roch.
We go there every year, people are friendly and it's located next to the Eglise St Roch which had the Yves Saint Laurent burial ceremony rather at the start of Rue St Honore just around the corner from Collette and all fabulous shops and restaurants, Les Tuilleries, etc.
Definitely check it out. It's a rather well kept secret.

Marie said...

@Hilde - I took your recommendation and have booked it! Not sure if you'll ever see this but if you have a blog do share the address :)