Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Things I would like to do...

  1. Spend a weekend in Paris looking at markets, dreaming by the Seine and eating and drinking yummy French food and wine (never properly done this so am currently hanging my head in shame)
  2. Visit Kew gardens and come back to London by boat
  3. Make creme caramel
  4. Learn how to fillet a fish
  5. Finish my two quilts, I have started the second one, but not yet finished the first...
  6. Do more yoga (am really enjoying the feeling at the end of a yoga class and think this could be the way forward for me)

Just a few of the things going through my head today. I am feeling a little overwhelmed at work and have been pants at commenting on other blogs of late. So much I want to say in a comment and then I decide I can't say it right so don't say anything, then feel guilty, then do more work.

Here's to the long weekend, maybe I can acheive number 3 this weekend!


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ohh what a lovely list! I would like to do all of these things as well. How I miss Paris! xoxo katie

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

I'm impressed you've even started one quilt, let alone two. I've been thinking of starting one for years and have got no further than going to quilt exhibitions.

LK said...

I do that with comments too - I think it's definitely a function of being too overladed. The brain gets scrambled and you just can't get anything done properly. take some time to refresh and come back to it all with some new vigour... fresh air is always good.

also I find if I can just get one thing done, somehow things start moving along a lot better. Like today, I just have to pay the council tax. Maybe you should just book a eurostar to Paris, and then you'll be on your way to completing your list and can feel very accomplished!!!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Don't worry about commenting, there is a time for certain things in life, and at the moment that 'thing' appears to be you.
Let us know how you got on with the creme caramel. If it looks as yummy as the cupcakes, I'll lick the screen. Again ;)

Make Do Style said...

I'd like to eat less cake and become super fit and healthy - will take more than a weekend.
Plus don't worrying about commenting it isn't obligatory xx

Marie said...

@The Neo-Traditionalist - Hello, thanks for popping by! I shall hopefully be missing Paris too by the time I've been :)

@Joan Hunter Dunn - Perhaps because I've never been to an exhibition I'm not that scared... But it's not as hard as it looks, and highly recommended!

@LK - Took your advice and did it. All booked for August. We're going to Paris, tra la la la la

@Metropolitan Mum - You are so very sweet, thank-you for your kind comment. I shall of course report back on the creme caramel. Fingers crossed it works!

@MDS - Oh me too on eating less cake and becoming super fit and healthy. Although always good to have long term as well as short term goals... And thank-you for the reassurance on commenting, I know it's not obligatory but I do like to do it. And thank-you for your support, you are just lovely.

Kylli said...

I saw yours and thought about writing and then L did hers so here is mine! (the older sister for those not in the know)

1/ Go to South America, trek the Incas, And Africa and safari, and take my family to Paris and France

2/ Meditate every day

3/ Clear out the front garden of all the overgrown weeds and plants and plant new plants including camelias

4/ Finish my Cert IV in Bookkeeping

5/ Find some yummy new easy veggie receipes - and gluten free!!

6/ Have a positive birth experience in Sept

agirl said...

I'll come with you.

And by golly, your to-do list looks so much more appealing than mine...

Marie said...

@Agirl - Do it would be lovely to go together :) And this is a wishlist, if you saw my to do list, eeps!