Monday, 19 April 2010

A sunny weekend in London

London was fabulous this weekend. Just beautiful. So here are some of my photos from Sunday afternoon in St James Park. Perhaps my favourite park in London. Here's hoping this weekend heralded the summer properly and that we'll get some more warm weather!


babypicturethis said...

This weekend is supposed to be even hotter - wohoo!

Lovely photos Marie!


Rose said...

St James is great- so many cool birds to see! All the parks come into their own in this weather- I lay on the green for about 3 hours on Saturday.

Did you go to Polpo? how was it?

kylli said...

Those blossoms always remind me of my birthday coming up :) Great photos.

Make Do Style said...

Lovely pics and were you lying down looking up at no planes in the sky!

Marie said...

@babypicturethis - Thank-you, and woohoo indeed if it really will be hotter.

@Rose - Yes, review posted today. This is perfect park weather, hope it continues for a bit.

@Kylli - Makes me think of that too. May is a lovely month.

@Make Do Style - Almost, I lay in bed listening to the quiet in the early morning which was just wonderful. Better not get too used to it!