Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tales from a wasted lunchtime...

J and I had a plan, formulated earlier this morning, that I would pop over to Soho and we would meet for lunch. It seemed perfect, he wasn't too busy, I wasn't too busy and we like opportunities to see each other when you wouldn't normally. Soho being such a hive of great cheap quick eats we had quite the choice but had narrowed it down to two. Yalla Yalla and El Camino. Lebanese or Mexican respectively. We'd had mediterranean yesterday so decided to go Mexican.

Arriving at just before 1pm the restaurant was relatively busy but not a cause for concern and we were seated pretty quickly. After ordering we then sat back, both starving to wait for our food. We've eaten there before and it was quick and tasty so hopes were up.

After half an hour I was beginning to get really angry, I don't do well when I'm hungry at the best of times but this was the on the verge of tears, shaky, angry hunger I get which means I really really really need to be fed. So we asked the waiter where our food was. Another few minutes more than the asking should have taken and we were told we were next. Okay I thought I'll have a slightly extended lunch hour but we'll be getting food soon so no need to dash just yet.

Then about five minutes later we heard the food bell ping, finally, but nope it was another table. And then another table got their food. And then I snapped, up I leapt coat in hand. And we left without food because we had been waiting far too long by that point to wait any longer and see the 'next' food order be delivered.

So I guess the moral of this story is don't go to El Camino if you want to get your food anytime within about an hour. It's pants. And I hate it when you don't have any form of communication from the waiting staff and the kitchen are clearly s**t. And in case you haven't guessed we won't be going back... Nor would I recommend you to!

Apologies for the rant, I have since been fed and am much happier but I feel it is my duty to warn you of pants restaurants so if you were thinking of trying them you can hopefully go somewhere with better service and quicker food!


Spare Thoughts said...

I was once at a lunch with colleagues and we had been waiting nearly an hour so I politely enquired where our food was. "In the kitchen obviously when it is ready it will be at your table" I was too stunned to come up with a decent response so we simply stood up and left.

Kylli said...

I get like that too when I'm waiting for food and it really spoils the meal for me. I would have left as well. How disapointing.

What did you end up eating as you wouldn't have had much time left on your lunch break?!?!?

Being Brazen said...

I loathe bad service.

Have a happy weekend and a wonderful Easter xx

Eva said...

Hah i love your blog .. its really funny .*following
i Know i hate when that happends , its always the places that are suposedly to die for .. but then you get there and you spend half an hour waiting to be seated , then another hour to be waited and another .. well you see where i'm going with this . it just isn't worth it sometimes .
Happy easter xx

Make Do Style said...

Well ranted!!

agirl said...

I'm a mean hungry person too. Sounds awful.