Saturday, 22 May 2010

Wardrobe edits and shopping lists

Today I was very very lucky and got treated to a Wardrobe edit with the very lovely Kate of Make Do Style. To be honest I was a little terrified as I knew how much my wardrobe really needed it. A lot of it is very outdated and I've never really know what suits me or what my body shape quite is. I've also been feeling a little uncomfortable in my body recently, my hormones have been a little all over the place with the introduction of Mirena and this comes out with me feeling lumpy and fat. J tells me it isn't the case but I still struggle to let myself believe him when he tells me.

So armed with my new advice I have decided to create a shopping list so I can shop to list from here on in and hopefully inject some youth and style into my wardrobe. I shall report back following purchases!

1. Belts - one coloured and patent, one brown
2. Boyfriend cardigan
3. New bras
4. Maxi dress
5. Dress (above the knee)
6. Skirts (above the knee)
7. A couple of t-shirts

And then my guidelines for shopping are buy the right size (I tend to buy clothes too big because I believe I am that size), buy shorter, always above the knee, tighter and less fussy on the hips, plus more youthful!

Kate - I hope I've got this right and thank-you again, I so very much appreciate this. I am looking forward to shopping now in the hope that I really can buy the right clothes!

Oh and finally I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who feels like they're a bit stuck with their wardrobe and body image. It is wonderful and so worth it!


LK said...

I could definitely do with something like this! my clothes-buying technique is very haphazard...

One of the best things i have bought is a couple of good belts (no 1 on your list) - they can really help otherwise dull outfits look a bit better so definitely think they are worthwhile investing in.

(PS - you are defo not looking lumpy and fat - was just thinking the other day how skinny you were looking! Maybe fluid retention if you feel fat?? Drink more water??)

Kylli said...

I have to 2nd the comment re not looking fat - you don't look fat at all (especially compared to your pregnant sisters!! haha) No seriously, you keep posting you have put on weight but have you considered that could be muscle? It weighs more than fat. You certainly look like your normal slim size.
I do the same thing with buying clothes too big - a major no no being a shortie. My friend Jo always makes me go down a size when I shop with her and I am usually glad I did!

I would love someone to go through my wardrobe and sort it out once the baby is born but it might be a bit far for Kate to come and help me :(

Make Do Style said...

And as the stylist I have to add what a wonderful gorgeous glorious glamorous person you are!! And more importantly a truly delightful person. xx

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

What a good idea, I could definitely do with someone impartial to help me edit my wardrobe. Sadly every one (quite rightly) has better things to do with their time!

Glad you had fun - can you impart any of the wisdom you picked up?

Marie said...

@LK - It is so worth it! I've got one belt already :) And my eye on a second one. And thank-you I think it is bloating. I've felt bigger since Mirena was put in so am hoping it will go down soon.

@Kylli - Thank-you :) And it's great. I need to listen to others advice too. John is great at telling me what suits me. So is Jane my colleague but I steadfastly won't let what they're telling me get through. Silly me.

@Make Do Style - Thank-you, so very much. It really was truly appreciated.

@Rachel - Your wardrobe is fabulous, you always look wonderful everytime I see you. But it was so great and I would still recommend it to everyone to get it done if they could. Any tips... Hmm listen to others you trust when they tell you what suits you. And buy the right size! Plus get some cheap items to keep wardrobe updated and have your classics. Or at least this is what I think I should do ;)

Gaynor said...

Sounds good; looking forward to seeing all your purchases.