Wednesday, 2 June 2010

2 days in Devon Part 1

To start my holiday this week I tottled off to Devon. It was a grey miserable rainy day and as I sat on the train I thought just how leaving London was taking some of the stress from my shoulders. And then the sun began to come out and I steadily was getting closer to my destination. I arrived in Ashburton and joined my sister and her friend in a little cafe with a garden. Lunch followed by the yummiest cream tea. Great homemade scones with yummy cream and jam. And to continue the Twitter debate I must admit to putting cream first then jam...

We were staying at the accommodation which the cookery school ran. Our room above we both thought was just lovely. The cookery school was Ashburton Cookery School, of which more on the next post... Then a gentle afternoon, a stroll in the sunshine and catching up with my sister. She's very patient with my moaning but also offers a different perspective on some of the things I moan about. So we dined and then off to bed to make sure we were ready for the next day!


agirl said...

Cream first! There's no other way! ;)

That tea looks amazing. Sounds like a beautiful getaway!

MischiefbyLoki said...

I should move to London. You can't get that much jam here if your life depended on it. Looks lovely!

Metropolitan Mum said...

How utterly darling! :)
I always wanted to go to Devon but haven't made it so far.
And yes, of course, cream first!

Rose said...

Cream first. clearly. and lots of it!

Devon is filled with loveliness- have always really enjoyed my time down there