Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Baby Picture This the results!

Above my beautiful Baby Picture This prints in their new frame from Cargo. Aren't they lovely! Soon to be gifted to a friend of mine as a very belated Christmas and birthday present. Although now I've got them on my wall it'll be hard to give them away!


agirl said...

See this is the problem. The 'gosh, it's so pretty, I need one for myself too. Whoops! There goes my bank balance!' problem. Surely babypicturethis and others who create such beauties in the first place are to be soundly blamed. Surely! ;)

babypicturethis said...

This is so exciting for me! I've never seen my work in someone else's house , except my Mums and I don't think that counts! Thank you. I'm so pleased you like them, and I hope your friends enjoys them (if you manage to part ;)

Oh and great work on the frame, I may go and invest in some!


Gaynor said...

Gorgeous pics!