Tuesday, 15 June 2010

V&A Quilting Exhibition

On Sunday I went to the V&A with middle sister. We were off to see the quilting exhibition which is on until sometime in July. Sorry to not be more specific.

It is a very lovely exhibition full of items which made me do a slight intake in breath at their intricacy. The exhibition is not too huge, and sister and I are quick exhibition goers, none of this loitering and staring for us...

There are a few pieces which stick in my mind, one is made by a soldier of the tiniest hexagons and is amazing. Another was made by prisoners at Wandsworth prison and is so very moving. I loved the idea of using quilting to get the prisoners to create a community and express their feelings.

But most of all it inspired me to keep on trying with the quilting to push on to finish the second and start a third. And to think of new ways to use them. I would like to make some cushion covers and also to try some new shapes. I have always loved Arabic geometric patterns and think I could acheive some pretty spectacular patterns and colours using quilting. Perhaps this is all for a time when I have less work and more time but it's nice to feel inspired.

It did also make me realise how much happens in London which passes me by. So this weekend J and I plan on going to Tate to see their Rude Britannia exhibition. We shall see if we make it!

Apologies for the lack of pictures, I wasn't sure I was allowed so took the safe option of keeping the camera in my bag!


agirl said...

Whoa! The blog has a new look! Me likey :)

I miss living in a proper city (maybe not one as big as London, but still, not these boondocks where I am now) for being able to go to these kinds of things.

I'm in awe of your crafty people. Seriously. I nearly poked my eye out the last time I took up a needle. The arabic idea sounds amazing.

Make Do Style said...

I think the new templates are fab!
Glad you enjoyed the quilting I must get along to it and the Grace Kelly exhibit!

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

I'm going along to it on Friday night with a girlfriend so great timed post.

Marie said...

@agirl - Thanks, glad you like it, nice to have a change, it was well overdue I think :) And it's not as hard as it seems, although poking eyes is not good... Perhaps a thimble would recommended next time :)

@Make Do Style - Glad you like it too. The new templates are vastly improved on some of the old ones. Definitely recommend the exhibitions.

@Joan Hunter Dunn - Let me know how you find it. Hopefully you'll enjoy it too!