Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A final Italy post - the artwork

My first real life Damien Hirst - stunning, vivid colour and a subtle skull which isn't menacing.

One of the two Mark Quinn Kate Moss statues. J did ask if Kate Moss really could do that. I suggested probably not... Fascinating and loved the gold.

Anish Kapoor's concave circles. For their simplicity I loved these.

Another Damien Hirst, this was perhaps my favourite. All butterflies in a fabulous mosaic/geometric design. Ticking my symmetry and colour and material boxes all at once. If only I could have this in my house one day...

Not sure who this one is by but it made me smile and I like having it hanging off in the first room you walk into.

So there we are, I'm finally going to stop banging on about our one night in Italy!


Krystal said...

you should talk about it a lot, you'll read this again someday :) traveling is the greeeatest

agirl said...

Ooh, that hanging man looks like exactly what we need for the bit of wall by the mezzanine in our new place.

If only!

I definitely want to visit this place now. What fun!

Marie said...

@Krystal - Thank-you I feel much better now! And yes will be lovely to reread it in a few years.

@agirl - if I go back I can try and get it for you! Or perhaps I can pose and you can sculpt and we can create our own one :)

Gaynor said...

It looks like a wonderful place, I would love to go!