Tuesday, 14 April 2009


J and I went to Hibiscus in Maddox Street for his birthday last week. We had been given a voucher for it as a wedding present but one of our friends and took the chance to use it. The restaurant was small, smaller than I had expected but nice, soft muted colours with some nice artwork and comfortable chairs.

Seeing as we had the voucher we treated ourselves to an aperitif but decided to go for the lunch menu which was three courses, a glass of wine and coffee with petit four for £33 (about $50). The amuse bouche was a little hisbicus juicy drink with a foam on top and yummy little balls of something inside. We both enjoyed that and they served proper bread with yummy butter. And then our starters. J had a chicken liver and foie gras terrine which was lovely. I ordered a Royale of Parmesan cheese with some asparagus something which I had no idea what it was. It turned out to be a squidgy, soupy something which had an odd taste which I couldn't identify. I have to admit to being a little bit disappointed.

We then got our mains, J a spatchcock quail with some veges which was lovely, great taste, looked nice, ticked all the boxes. I had a fillet of silver mullet with spring leeks and black grape jus. The fish was nice, not amazing but nice. However the leeks had been pureed and were bright green and tasted odd. Neither J nor I could put our finger on quite why it wasn't very nice but there was something odd all the same. And as for the grapes, there were a couple of little halves but not really very much else grapey.

Our puddings redeemed the meal somewhat, Whimberry Clafoutis and Barley Malt ice cream with a green tea syrup. It was yummy! And finally some really very good petit fours.

All in all, okay but not somewhere I would rush to recommend. It just wasn't great and my meals weren't great at all. A shame really as I had been looking forward to it but onwards and upwards to the next restaurant!


Krista said...

That's a shame ... but now you know. And at least the dessert as good!

Cate Subrosa said...

What a pity it wasn't quite right, especially when it sounded like it would be delicious.

Glad the pizza party was good fun though! (Sometimes the simplest food is the best, eh?)

Marie said...

It was a shame, but onwards and upwards I guess. And Cate, yes sometimes the simplest food is definitely the best!

un-bride said...

Well, then, thank goodness you made pizza.