Thursday, 30 April 2009

Shampers Wine Bar/Restaurant

J and I were walking through Soho one day trying to avoid the hustle of Carnaby Street and wondered past this lovely looking wine bar which had an enticing menu outside. We thought about it stored it away in our heads and then carried on. Recently following a long day at work we fancied dinner out, J works in Soho and so I suggested Shampers since it had looked good.

We wondered in were shown to a table in their downstairs section and then started studying the menu. To be honest my first thought was that it was more expensive than I had expected but it all looked good. I wasn't too hungry so I went for two starters while J had a starter and a main.

I started with mini chorizo which were yummy but nothing spectacular, not exactly difficult to fry a chorizo! J had rollmops, something I don't like so I didn't get to try them but he said they were nice. Our starters were okay, not great but reasonable.

Then for my main I had a goats cheese and lardon salad. I expected to have a nice slice of fresh goats cheese on top of my salad and ended up with a fried piece of goats cheese. Again nice but nothing too great. J had a steak sandwich, it looked okay and he said was nice and his chips were definitely nice!

All in all okay, but for it's prices just not good enough. There are so many places in London from which to choose from to eat and I really think that if Shampers are trying to sell themselves on their food they need to up their game.

Incidentally on another night out we ended up in Browns in Mayfair, cheaper, nicer and better service. Perhaps a lesson learned for us...


LK said...

It's always busy there though - they're right below the triyoga studios and you can hear all the crowds when you do evening lessons. Some places don't need such good food when their locations are so convenient unfortunately!

Krista said...

Maybe I should get you to recommend where Wade & I eat when we're in London! Our bus tour will have us in London for 2 days.

Honestly, London is one of our favourite cities ... but we want to do so much during our honeymoon that we can't afford any more time there. We know the tourist things we want to do (hello National Gallery!) but don't know where else to go.

Plus, it is our goal to do a tour of the UK on/around our first anniversary. I want to show Wade Herstmonceux - where I lived for a few months in 2005. And Wade wants to see Scotland. So we'll be back in London at that time!

Rachel said...

Ooh, what a challenge Krista sets, Marie...

I do second Brown's for a nice, reasonably cheap meal.

Krista - are you looking for 'English' food? In which case, I have 2 very cheap recommendations - one just off Leicester Square and the other (fish & chips) off Marylebone High Street.