Wednesday, 1 April 2009

On changing names...

I always knew I was going to somehow keep my name but gradually as our engagement progressed and we got closer to the wedding I felt somehow that I wanted to take J's name too. However he never seemed to fussed so I was going to just become Mrs K. After lots of wrangling (internally) I finally asked him to be very honest with me and tell me if he wanted me to take his name or not. To which he said he would and it was decided I would become Mrs R-K, he would be Mr R and the kiddies (if we have any) would be little R-Ks.

I didn't think much of it beyond that but quite liked the idea of proclaiming my marriage to all and sundry through this new name and of the pride I have of being married to him and having his surname to prove this.

And then we got married and confusion ensued, were we both K-Rs or just me and was I K-R or R-K and who knew! Slowly, very slowly, people are getting it and I'm getting it. I booked a restaurant today under Mrs R-K! Which is a big step for me. Because it has taken until now to actually start changing things.

I got my new passport the other day and new debit cards. I have informed my frequent flyer club of my change in name. But I still haven't officially changed names at work. Nor have I changed my credit cards. Nor have I changed the countless online accounts I have. And this is beginning to weigh on me. I have a lot to do. Which takes a lot of time. And I really should create of list of everything I need to change and slowly tick it off. Otherwise it's just going to take longer and longer and longer and potentially never get done!

So sorry for the moan, but any advice for quickly changing names or thoughts on changing names more than welcome! Thank-you, WitC x


un-bride said...

I'm changing my name to his, except professionally. (I had too hard a time getting anyone to care about the 1st name to start over with a new one.) But I don't look forward to the hassle ... yikes!

Redframe aka Modelmental said...

Sadly it is nothing but hassle... My biggest challenge is remembering which signature to sign according to which card I'm swiping! I just realised yesterday that I actually signed my new name on the back of a new card that's still in my old name - sheesh. I set up a new gmail account but still using the old one too - tricky. All I can say is good luck!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Yikes, that does not sound fun. But it's great that he's so open to letting you do whatever you want!

Rachel said...

Apparently there are companies who will do it all for you! As it doesn't matter which name you use (officially) I would change them one at a time, most used first.

There is always such a lot to do, isn't there!