Monday, 6 April 2009

Morning thoughts

Sitting in bed this morning while eating my breakfast we had the Today programme on Radio 4. This is one of my favourite things, strangely enough, as much as I hate hearing all the bad news I hate even more not to know what's going on. And I enjoy starting my day with breakfast and a rant at the radio. But I digress.

We heard the awful news about the earthquake in Italy and then J turns to me and says:
'What happens if Etna erupts when we're in Sicily?'
me: 'I think we'll be fine we're far enough away'
J: 'Hmm maybe'

Which got me thinking on the way into work, what would we do. Would we escape to the beach and try and find a boat to sail away on. But as far as I know lava flows pretty quickly so might not be ideal approach. Any suggestions?

Oh and I also realise I've probably not said that we're actually going to Sicily. Our first holiday abroad since 2007, these weddings do rather get in the way of spending on holidays! Leaving on the 17th May and I am just so excited to be going to spend time in the sunshine with my husband. Woohoo!


Being Brazen said...

your sooo lucky to be going to sicily. I so want to go there one day.

Enjoy and dont even think of the volcano :)

very married said...

hmm... maybe cross that bridge when you get to it? :)

Krista said...

Often ... not always, but often ... volcanologists (or whatever volcanoe scientists are called) can predict eruptions. So hopefully next time, they'll be able to predict it's coming.

But I'd say: either don't worry about it (not much you can do if it does happen) ... or if you are very worried and can't relax, then don't go. There are plenty of other lovely spots nearby you can go, so if you're that worried, that may be the way to go.

Krista said...

(I'd go ... and just relax ... have a glass of wine if you need it!)

un-bride said...

Oh my god -- Sicily is Eden. Please let me know what your itinerary is, and I might be able to make suggestions.

(I'm an unreformed honorary Italian. Who almost married a Sicilian.)

Getting the party started said...

Can you tell me about Turkmenistan please?! Where did you go? What were the highlights? Did you go on a group tour (and if so who through) or did you get a transit visa?

Any details would be super useful!

Rachel said...

Hope you have a fantastic holiday. I'm sure you'll be lava free; as Krista says, I think they can predict these things, can't they.

Krista said...

To answer your question on my blog:

Hand cancelling or hand stamping is where the post office worker "cancels" the stamp manually. You know when you receive mail, the postage stamp has something stamped on it? That stamp "cancels" the postage stamp, which is why you can't re-use a stamp.

Most of the time, the envelopes are fed through a machine that automatically stamps the postage stamps. If you ask for a "hand cancel" or "hand stamp", the post office worker uses a hand-held stamp (simlar to the stamps you might find in an office that say "IMPORTANT" or "PLEASE POST" or whatever). The envelope is stamped by the post office worker, "by hand" the "old-fashioned" way, which means the envelope is NOT fed through the machine.

The machine can bend or smush the envelope, so you are essentially reducing the risk of a bent invitation arriving at your guests' homes. Bent or smushed envelopes aren't particuarly common, but it's a just-in-case approach.

It's more work for the post office worker, so you do have to ask nicely.

(I learned about it on weddingbee. Prior to weddingbee, I'd never heard it.)

Marie said...

Brazen - I shan't, not anymore now anyway :)

Very married - very sensible, and thanks for popping over

Krista - Thank-you for your as ever sage advice, I shall check for any warnings prior to the trip and shall have plenty of wine for relaxations sake

Un-bride - Thank-you so very much for your kind offer, here is where I confess that we're going to a Club Med on Sicily, not sure if you know them but they're effectively a French all inclusive resort, so I won't be travelling round much, more soaking up the wine and sunshine. And I want to know more about the Sicilian!

Getting the party started - I shall be right over!

Rachel - Thank-you, I'm already looking forward to it absurdly much.

Krista - Thanks! (Again, you're too good)