Friday, 3 July 2009

One lovely blog

The lovely, and newly wed, Rachel has very kindly given me an award. It has admittedly taken me far too long to post this but here I am finally getting round to it! The rules are to pass it on to 15 newly discovered blogs but I don't know that many blogs so I shall start with a few which I've really been enjoying recently and perhaps add some more in as I go!

Being Red - Very stylish blog, well worth looking at for inspiration
Weebirdy - all about exciting things in London
Startfromwhereyouare - Full of great ways to make small changes and live greener
Model Mentality - the new incarnation of Red Frame
Ramblings of a fab brunette - a Toronto mother and cupcake baker
Blog Goggles - Amusing, stylish and cute, all rolled together in one blog
Being Brazen - Fun, amusing, sweet and full of interesting things to think about

Sorry I've not put in more but hopefully you might enjoy reading some of these. I know I do! And if you know of any lovely new blog can you put a link in a comment? Thanks x


Being Brazen said...

Thank you *hugs*

Have a fab weekend

LK said...

thank you!!x