Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A weekend in France

The first weekend in July was spent in France with my husband, middle sister, mama and papa. And it was a lovely weekend. We travelled down on Friday with my mama and papa and stopped over night in a little auberge about half the way to our destination. It was a classic French auberge in a tiny little village called Chepy. And the food there was great too, €16 for a three course dinner! Good value huh?

Top Row: Chepy Mairie, Chicken!

Bottom Row: John in the Limeray auberge, dinner! Mmmmmm

Then on the Saturday we travelled down to Limeray in Loire. This was where my sister joined us and we were all together. We had a lovely dinner, as shown above and enjoyed our evening together dining outside in the July warmth.

And then it was the big day... The Promenade Gourmande. This is a 5km walk around the vineyards while tasting the local food and wine. The weather was perfect, hot and sunny. Perhaps too sunny, I got a little sunburnt, oops!

At each stop there was entertainment and of course wine and food! Some of which is shown above.

It was a really good weekend, much fun and really lovely to get away from everything for a while. We travelled home on the Monday, really feeling like we'd got away from it all and freshed (although perhaps a little hungover too!)


Being Brazen said...

Looks and sounds awesome

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

fun times, wish i could go to france for the weekend ;-) so cute that you and your sis both blogged about the promenade today

anna and the ring said...

Oh how I want to jump onto Eurostar and play in the countryside with lots of wine and cheese!