Thursday, 16 July 2009

Stories about me (again) - warning long post...

Bridechka recently did an amazing post where she was asked five questions and gave really interesting lovely answers to them. She then asked others to ask to be 'interviewed' if they wanted and I couldn't resist. So she sent me through my own five questions. Here goes!

1) Since you're a wedding graduate, I would love to hear about if your relationship has changed and if it has, how it has changed since you got married?

I feel like our relationship has changed and I feel happier and more in love. Amazing really as we've been together for six and a half years now. But I think marriage makes you work harder, I'm in this forever so I have to enjoy it and do all I can to enjoy it. I think J also feels the same, well I hope he does. But we've got on really well, worked at things together and are building a shared vision of the future. I also feel like I've changed, like I've grown up and I notice my priorities have shifted slightly. Things that used to wind me up don't so much any more. I guess all I can say is that for me it's been fabulous for the first six months and I truly hope and pray it will continue to be for many years to come.

2) What is your favorite (only one! thats what makes it hard) memory of your wedding?

This is too hard! But one of my favourites is how neither J nor I could sing our second hymn 'So sings my soul' (that's not the title but I can never remember it) because we were both so emotional and looking at each other and just knowing this was absolutely the right thing to be doing.

3) Tell us the story of how you nearly broke your nose before your wedding :)

This is slightly embarrassing but hopefully will amuse you! We have an annual staff Christmas party which is all the administrative staff of where I work. I work in a small department of a large organisation. So there were probably about 200 - 300 people there. I'd had a few drinks of course and was dancing like a crazy lady (this happens often after a few drinks). I was wearing my new boots which had no grip. At some point a drink got spilt on the floor and during my dancing I slipped but fell forward... Apparently I had my arms round some other people at the time hence cushioning my fall with my face. I remember my head rebounding off the floor and thinking it's all okay and then my colleagues saying you're bleeding.

At which point the pain hit... Not only did I nearly break my nose but I also manage to push one of my front teeth back behind the other one. So in my drunken state and realising this was wrong just pushed it back into place. Which thankfully the dentist tells me is the right thing to have done. I now have a lumpier nose, it wasn't broken but something isn't quite right and a split tooth, not visibly but by golly can I feel it when it's cold!

Sorry a very long story but hopefully will amuse you!

4) Do you still dance ballet every now and then? Or take classes?

Not any more, I took it up again for a while and loved it but the classes were too hard to make it to. I should though because I think Ballet is amazing and I find it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym...

5) Whose marriages do you feel like are good examples for you and your husband? Who's relationships do you try to emulate to make yours that much more successful?

Both our parents have been married a long time and I know for me this is very inspirational. To know that things haven't always been easy but that they are still together and happy is really great. My eldest sister has also been someone who I have learnt from and who I've seen work at relationships to make them successful. Something which I've definitely learnt from her is the value of working and committing to a relationship and not walking away when you feel like it's too much. Less of an emulation now but I think friendships can also be learnt from when building successful relationships. Every single relationship you have will have different aspects to it which can be used and built upon to help create the relationship you desire.

So, I hope you've enjoyed this a little anyhow. And sorry for a very indulgent week of bits about me!

What I now have to offer is for anyone else who would like to be interviewed please leave me a comment saying 'interview me' and I will create five questions for you.

And finally thanks Bridechka for your questions, they were great to answer and have really made me think about a lot of things!

M x


Gaynor said...

I loved reading your answers, lovely to hear from a wedding graduate. The nose story is so funny too, glad it wasnt broken!

Hope you dont mind but I tagged you -

Krista said...

Okay, I'm convinced. Interview me! :)

Being Brazen said...

nice to learn more about you :)

anna and the ring said...

What a fabulous idea. If you have time you know what to do!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

thanks for sharing. i too have a "lumpier nose" as a result of too much drinking (was hungover and dehydrated and fainted face down onto the floor and broke my nose). glad to hear your marriage is going great!

Marie said...

Gaynor - Thanks I shall pop on over and have a look

Krista - Yeay! Of course, let me have a think!

Brazen - Thanks, sure you don't want to take part? :)

Anna - Yeay again! I shall get something over to you shortly

Julia - Glad I'm not the only one, there should be more warnings about drinking and noses...

Rachel said...

interview me!