Monday, 27 July 2009

Wee Birdy, Alex Monroe and Lucky me!

Wee Birdy had been holding a week long give away last week of lovely treats for her readers and amazingly enough I won one of them! I have been lucky enough to win a necklace from Alex Monroe. And here is the beauty I have won:

I hadn't heard of Alex Monroe before reading Wee Birdy but I am now in love. His pieces are all nature inspired and are just amazing, detailed, quirky and timeless.

I shall be thinking of him for gifts this year, I always prefer buying from someone like Alex whose pieces so truly reflect him and his inspirations and where it's not part of a huge faceless chain.

Anyway, check out his other bits and bobs on his website and when I receive the package I shall post a picture of it on.


Being Brazen said...

cute necklace!

Krista said...

Lucky you! That's adorable!