Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Thoughts on John Terry

Yes yes, I know this is an odd thing to write about, seeing as I am not all that interested in football but this morning listening to the Today programme on Radio 4 I heard a debate about whether or not John Terry should stay as the England football captain and it got me thinking.

Now I know very little of the details so don't want to judge (too much) but for those of you who don't know who or what this story is about here goes. John Terry is the England national squad football captain, he has a wife with whom he has two children. He cheated on said wife with the girlfriend of a friend of his who also plays in the England football team. So for this act people are questioning his role as captain.

In many ways I would like to think that I could rise above something like that and say that he should remain captain if he merits it by his skills. But to be honest there is a big part of me which thinks what he did was immoral and for that he should step down. Not be forced to go, but admit that in such a position he is a role model and as such he should accept his behaviour was wrong and stand down. Partly as a way of beginning to apologise and atone for his actions but also as an acceptance that with such a role comes responsibilities.

But then on the other hand, politicians cheat, screw up relationships and don't stand down. In fact politicians defraud the country and are still in place. So why don't we get so upset about that? Is it because we assume all politicians are nasty pieces of work anyhow. Or have we forgotten to get upset about things like this.

Perhaps it's good we don't judge professional lives on personal actions, but perhaps for people who are so in the public eye we need to remember their responsibilities as a role model. This is something I think about quite a lot, roles, responsibilities and rights. But then that's another post as this one is long enough already! I'd love to hear your thoughts on all this. M x


Make Do Style said...

As a football fan and having insider info I knew about this before it broke. The issue here is we've got a world cup coming up and need the team to be a team. I'm waiting to see what Fabio Cappello has to say - he of a 44 year old marriage having meet his wife as a teenage on the bus!

Basically I think John Terry is selfish and stupid to mess around like this. Mrs Bridges is no better. However do we really see infidelity in the right way?

I believe it shows a lack of self and regard for others so is JT worthy of being a captain on that basis alone? Of course he isn't because he isn't leading by example. I say he should step down or eat massive humble pie. Poor Mrs Terry but then she must have known he's always been a bit of a skirt sniffer - known for it!

Any more football goss required please ask!

Being Brazen said...

I totally agree with what you said.

I think poor judgement in his personal life shows that he is selfish and not very moral - and this fact could lead to him not making the best decisions for other people (like his team)

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Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

I was listening to that programme too whilst I drove to work this morning.

What annoyed me most was that he tried to get a super-injunction to stop the press reporting it.

Personally I am more of the usual position that personal and work life can be separated. Although personal choice can of course bring one's professional life into disrepute. I don't see footballers in quite the same light as politicians or doctors however. I don't care who he chooses to **** but it does seem somewhat distastful to his friend/team-mate. If we sack him from being captain however, is there a better moral choice for the role? There are plenty of suggestions that a lot of his teammates have similar indiscretions to hide.

Kylli said...

I have to agree with you M, politicians do this kind of thing (and many many normal people in everyday life I might add) and they don't lose their job or get stepped down. I know that sports personalitys are often role models for children but really half the parents are probably having affairs. I know 8 people off the top of my head who are or have had affairs. Most with children but they won't lose their jobs (but maybe marriages if they get caught!!) I think if the person is doing a good job in their professional life that in most cases their personal life shouldn't affect it. I say most as there are situations perhaps like Tiger Woods which are extreme but just because he has a "sex addiction" doesn't mean he can no longer play golf. It just means he has wrecked his own life by cheating on his wife. Hopefully she'll get by with a massive payout and meet someone nicer!

Marie said...

@MDS - I agree completely, he should eat humble pie and question whether he feels he can still lead the team. Ultimately that's what matters in many people's eyes. The success of the UK team to do well and be led by their captain.

@Being Brazen - Yes, yes on the wrong decisions... And the other thing I guess is that personal problems could spill into professional life and affect it.

@Peacock Feathers - On the better choices, I know!! And apparently some team members have already said they wouldn't accept, possibly means too much attention would be drawn to them :) And I think I too agree on the separation, but perhaps with a little more remorse thrown in for wrong doing!

@Kylli - I still can't believe you know so many people who have had/are having affairs! But yes I do think I agree that if he can still do a good job as captain he should keep the job. But as soon as his ability is jeopardised by his personal life then he needs to reconsider his position.

To all - thanks for your thoughts too, really interesting hearing them! M xx

anna and the ring said...

1. It makes me so angry when I think about these over privileged boys who think that because they kick a pig's bladder around relatively well they above the "law."

2. Yet it makes me ever madder that this is actually news. (Similar to the whole Tiger Woods debarcle.)So unless they are held as moral bastions what business is it of ours?

3. Hmm, I was about to get ultra grumpy but have rethought. I just think we should waste our time on money on something more "worthy."

babypicturethis said...

First of all - how slow am I that I didn't even realise you had a new blog?! It's so nice to *see* you!

Secondly - great topic. For me, I think one of the biggest reasons he is being judged professionally on this (and one of the points most media outlets seem to be forgetting) is that the other woman is a team mates girlfriend. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I would find being a part of a team where my captain had allegedly slept with, impregnated and paid off either my girlfriend or team mates girlfriend, very, very difficult. Most footballers have done some very questionable things, but not at the expense of other team mates. I think Fabio was absolutely right to strip him of the captaincy.

As for John Terry, I think he's someone who has no morals anyway (hubs is a sports journo, so gossip of a different kind from him!) and the only ones I feel sorry for are his wife and children.