Monday, 15 February 2010

What I cooked for Valentine's Day

J and I like to mark but not celebrate Valentine's day. I buy him a card, he forgets (or maybe buys one a few days later when he gets round to it) and we try and use it as a good excuse to spend some time together. He's been absurdly busy at work these past few weeks and so the opportunity to sit down together, cook together and eat together was too good to miss.

So on Saturday after meeting my friends for lunch I toddled off to Harrods food hall, at Christmas I had been given a gift card and now seemed like a good time to put it to use. And look what I found!

Yummy langoustines, all pink and pretty and looking ready for the pot. After a little consultation of Georgio Locatelli's Made in Italy cook book (incidentally one of my favourites) we had our rough recipe and off we went. Between us we managed to cook the dinner below:

Linguine with langoustine, served with pan fried scallops. Decadent and probably excessive for a Saturday night but also yummy and a great meal to enjoy together.

For pudding I tried my hand at custard to use in a Bread and Butter pudding. Surprisingly easy to make is custard, my recipe this time from Larousse. And then we settled in to watch a movie and finish the wine!

For me a wonderful celebration of my love for my husband and for the food, wine and most importantly time we get to spend together. Hope you all had lovely valentine's celebrations too, M x


Rose said...

Wow that sounds like a yummy dinner- am sure your husband loved it. Glad you had a happy time.

Ross said...

That looks absolutely fab.

LK said...

Yum. I think we might be inviting ourselves around for dinner sometime soon!!!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh my, a picture perfect meal! I would love to shop at Harrod's food hall some day, what a luxurious treat it would be!

Marie said...

Thanks :)

@LK - For sure, we'll work something out.

@Chic 'n Cheap - It's not hideously expensive but yes it is more than I would normally pay!

westendmum said...

Mmmm That looks yummy. I must do something similar for The GR, I used to make a seafood linguini but haven't managed anything nearly as nice lately. Well done you.