Thursday, 25 March 2010

29 gifts - update

So somehow the 29 days is over and my gift giving was poor to say the least. I did manage a few cards, and still have many more to send if anyone is interested. I gave my sister some clothes and I tried to make an effort to give more compliments and support. I think there were some others but nothing too exciting.

I think overall it was a fun way to try and make a small change in the way you behave. And I hope it's worked. I do find myself saying compliments now instead of just thinking them. And I do think of how I can give people gifts to help cheer them up when I feel like that's the right thing to do.

Plus it really made me think about giving. Partly why I agreed to go ahead and be a school governor, as a way of giving my time to help govern a school. I shall try and build on this small step by thinking more about ways I can give in the future.

Thanks for the support in this small endeavor and here's to small changes to forge a better path!


Kylli said...

Did you send a card to us?? I like getting stuff in the mail.

Make Do Style said...

I think it was a terrific idea and even making the effort is a great gain. Go on I'd love a card! xx