Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday thoughts

I have become rather entranced by Innocent's veg pots. These little pots of goodness give me two of my veg a day and are low in fat. Wonderful! Plus they taste pretty good.

I managed to give my first proper gift yesterday, I gave my sister a babygro I picked up in Buenos Aires. This is not as random as it sounds as my sister is 19 weeks pregnant. Very pleased to have given my first 'real' gift!

I still ache from Thursday evening. I've started Pole Dancing again, this time Level 2, and the leap in difficulty is tough. But hopefully it'll help tone me a little bit more!

The sunshine this morning lifted my heart. As did the heads of the crocus beginning to show in St James Park. I am hoping this really does herald the beginning of spring!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Make Do Style said...

Yes I saw a crocus on Sunday and its been sunny today - lets hope it keeps getting warmer and brighter.

Gaynor said...

Lets hope Spring is here to stay - it has just a month to get warmer!

How exciting your going to be an auntie too, its lovely to spoil them!

Pole dancing sounds fun but hard!

Ross said...

I like the Innocent pots too, although the less like curry they aim to be the better, from my experience.

On the healthy+convenient food vibe, have you tried Graze boxes? They are boxes of dried fruit and nuts posted to you by mail. I have been getting them for the past month, it's quite addictive and much better that the usual cakes and sweets that appear around the office. I particularly love their dried strawberries and cherries.

Obligatory self-serving link - if you use code 29K2VQKT you can get a free box (with no commitment, you can cancel instantly online) and so do I. Normal price, £2.99, delivered.