Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Woppee! An award for me!

The lovely Make Do Style has very kindly passed on the above reward. Which I am very excited to have received. Blog awards are such lovely things to get. And so the rules are as follows, tell seven things about yourself and then pass the award on to seven other beautiful bloggers. Now I always like talking about myself and sharing the love so here goes:
  1. I am now a School Governor for a school in Mayfair, longer story behind how that came about and no I don't have any secret children
  2. I have two older sisters, they are both currently pregnant and people keep asking me if I am going to follow suit, I'm not... (yet)
  3. I walk to and from work almost every day and think I would go crazy if I didn't
  4. I absolutely love University Challenge and get so excited if I get a question right
  5. I am an organised messy person, untidy but I normally know where in my untidiness things are
  6. I still love looking at wedding photos. And wedding dresses. And choose ones I would wear now, normally the more crazy ones now my simple one has been worn
  7. I am preparing to try and make quilts for the nieces/nephews on the way, eek!

And on to the sharing of the love, here goes:

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Thanks again Kate! M x


Make Do Style said...

I always love the answers - am so nosey! Also left you spelt bread recipe info in post below x

Kylli said...

Thats a bit exciting about the quilts!

Metropolitan Mum said...

They say there's creativity in chaos. So I assume the untidiness will help you produce the most amazing quilts.

MischiefbyLoki said...

Thank you dear! I love that you walk to work. Wish I was able to do that... though I'm grateful for my giant dogs who make sure I walk every evening--for my sanity and theirs!

agirl said...

Sweet! How did I miss this before? Thank you my dear! xo