Wednesday, 10 June 2009

On blogging and your personality

I did a survey yesterday about blogging and personality, it can be found here in case you want to do it too! I think I had read about it on a blog, I forget where and as I love doing personality surveys did it. My results told me about my personality but not how that links to blogging, although I think I'll get by without that! So for those of you who might be interested here goes...
  1. 23/50 Neuroticism, also known as Emotional Instability. Apparently my score was higher than 36.2% of people who have taken the test. My score means I am more vunerable to stress and anxiety, however being about the middle I think that I am probably about average on the scale, although more neurotic than a lot of other bloggers!
  2. 41/50 Extroversion. My score here was higher than 85% of people who took the test, which surprises me as I think of blogging as quite an extrovert thing to do. My high score means I tend to be active, energetic and enjoy being around others, which sounds like a pretty apt description!
  3. 35/50 Openness to experience. Only higher than 20.1% of people! So you bloggers must be very open to new things. Or more so than me anyway. And although this seems self-explanatory, those who score highly are intellectually curious, appreciative of art and sensitive to beauty. Low scores tend to show more traditional tastes.
  4. 36/50 Conscientiousness. Higher than 59.9% of people. So maybe there's quite a few little lying bloggers out there, teehee! A high score on this shows persistence, responsibility, and perhaps overly perfectionistic and concerned with order. Which kind of fits, somethings I am a complete perfectionist about, others very relaxed about, say mess is fine, but badly formatted documents drive me mad!
  5. 43/50 Agreeableness. The tendency to be sympathetic and cooperative towards others. A high score shows one strives for social harmony and value getting along with others. Disagreeable people tend to be suspicious and hostile. And my score was 85.3% higher than other people who had taken the test. Which again surprises me there are many lovely bloggers out there.
My apologies for the self-indulgence in examining myself here but if you do do the test I would love to hear how you compare :)


Being Brazen said...

I also love doing personality quizzes and surveys

LK said...

Interesting that you think blogging is an extrovert thing to do. I think it's very much suited to the introvert too. Introverts think a lot, reflect, have busy inner lives, and though they might not like crowds or being the centre of attention, it doesn't mean they don't like connecting with people. To me, blogging is an ideal way for an introvert to process some of that inner reflection and energy, to communicate without having to draw attention to themselves and to connect with people, not through a big social situation but through - mainly - written communication.