Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wedding wear advice needed

This could be an ongoing series of posts until about August but here goes with the first. I am going to one wedding this year, which is the wedding of my sister-in-law. It's an English summer wedding where I've been asked to do a reading. So I need help with what to wear. Here is one of the options I've found, not tried on yet but think it could perhaps work. Although is it too casual and maternity wear like?

Dress and Image from

Any ideas for places to look, I've already tried Liberty and Reiss to no avail. English or London shops and ideally ones where I can try it on! I'm still not very good at internet shopping!

So then I should give you some criteria so you can help me with my search :)
  • Colourful
  • Strapless or one shouldered
  • Possibly maxi but not for definite
  • Weddingy but not too dressy
Am I perhaps just too fussy?! Any and all help so much appreciated!


Being Brazen said...

good luck looking. Maybe try department stores like selfridges.

Something classic is always good and then you can dress it up with pretty heels, jewellery and fancy hairstyle ;)

Rachel said...

I think this dress is pretty! It looks like exactly what you want. I think English summer weddings seem to be so much more colorful than traditional American weddings. Those hats!!!! Are you going to wear a hat or headpiece??

I'd dress this up with some really chunky fun bangles.

Good luck, and thank you for the sweet words on my blog! ;-)

Marie said...

Brazen - Selfridges is a good shout, and their sale started today :) And yes classic is me all over so think this one might be out of the window...

Rachel - No hat yet but there will be one, for sure! I think I'm going to build from the dress. And the bangles are a great idea but somehow I don't find many which fit over my hand.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I LOVE this dress! Just wonder if the bride would mind that you're wearing white.

LK said...

What about All Saints? Not so classic I know, but maybe it would be good to try something a bit different and they have some amazing dresses. Unfortunately most their stuff seems to be in dark and drab colours but check out:
funky-pretty silk dress you could dress up and wear again:

v elegant jewelled dress:

cute floral:

LK said...

my links didn't work - I'll email you!

Marie said...

K@Blog Goggles, I agree, it is perhaps a little too weddingy. Although her dress isn't entirely white so I might get away with it...

Rachel said...

my friend wore a white maxi dress with blue flowers to my wedding and it looked fab.

bonus for a maxi dress is that you can only wear it with flats. downside is that they often end up on the shorter side if you are tall.

I would try Ted Baker if I were you. I happen to know the designer and they have some fab things. Although now have remembered the McQ one from scrolling down. Maybe not then.