Monday, 8 June 2009

What I did this weekend

It was a busy weekend, J was away on a stag do in Riga so I filled it up a bit so I didn't miss him too much. So here goes for what I did:
  • Went to see England v Netherlands in the first of the Twenty20 cricket matches, we lost by one run
  • Got really drunk at the cricket
  • Woke up with a hideous hangover on Saturday morning
  • Went dress shopping with my sister
  • Tried on about 12 dresses, all were hideous, maybe it's me...
  • Went to work, good to get things done without interruption
  • Made yummy pasta with sauce and brocolli to try and make the hangover go
  • Watched two pants DVDs, neither of which I would recommend, they were The Women and What Just Happened
  • Went to church
  • Bought new sandals! Woo hoo! More on that later...
  • Went to a friends birthday drinks
  • Made nice Risotto

So all in all a good weekend, although I think it would have been better if J was around. I don't sleep so well when he's not here.

Hope you all had nice weekend's too!


Modelmental said...

I know exactly what you mean about filling up your days when he's away! BB just goes to golf and I need a schedule so I don't pine. And I used to scoff at joined-at-the-hip newly-weds?! We've also managed not to spend a night apart yet... I can't believe what a disgustingly in love wife I am!!! Still, your weekend sounds lovely, I adore Twenty20! Sorry you lost. Okay no I'm not, mortal enemies! xxx

The Cwtch said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend! Boo to the rubbish dresses, yay to the new sandals!

Marie said...

Modelmental - I am so impressed you've not spent a night apart yet, that is so amazing. I wish it was the same, so far we've had quite a few nights not together and we haven't even been married for as long!

The Cwtch - Completely agree, and of course on the bright side, another excuse to do more shopping :) Although this time, not when I'm hungover!

anna said...

Hope your quest for pretty dresses continues! Did you manage to buy a hat/fascinator yet?

Marie said...

No fascinator yet, waiting for my dress to guide my choice. But when I do I shall look at your recommendations. Thanks! x