Sunday, 27 September 2009

Friday Night - Princess Alice

Work has been busy... I've been doing long hours and not had much time to think about anything other than coming home sleeping and going back in. So finishing up on Friday night (or leaving and hoping for the best) I went off with J to East London. We used to venture there back when we were students, curry and a night out on Brick Lane but those days are long gone so it was nice to be back and see how it's changed.

Or not! We of course started with a curry... There are hundreds to choose from but we went to the Clifton which J has been to before and does serve a nice curry. Order fu*k up aside the food we finally received went down well, as did the complimentary curry...

Then on we went to The Princess Alice. This is a traditional East London pub which has been open for 125 years. J's friend and his other half recently took it over and so were having an opening night.

It's a nice pub, quirky in it's shape but with a real atmosphere and a nice crowd to go with it too. Plus it's exciting to see a friend own their own pub!!

A few Bourbons, Dark Rums and who knows what else later and we were idling back home having danced to some funky music and enjoyed a live band too. I would in all honesty recommend this as a pub to visit and enjoy a night in. Curl up on a sofa, dance to some great music and have fun!


WendyB said...

I love a nice old pub!

the un-bride said...

Oh dear, how you make me miss London ... haven't been there in about 4 years. Stayed with a friend in Hammersmith, and frequented a pub he called The F*ck Nose, as in "F*ck Knows What It's Called" ...

I've missed reading your blog & hearing from you. Will try not to be such a moody wench going forward.


Being Brazen said...

sounds awesome. I miss London pubs.

Make Do Style said...

Owh sounds a good night out - and nice to know about the pub!

Marie said...

WendyB - Hello! Me too, and they're a dying brand so all the support one can get the better.

UnBride - I've missed you too, so glad you're back. And if you do make it to London anytime let me know!

Brazen - Sometimes, just sometimes they're the best. Pubs just don't feel the same elsewhere.

Make Do Style - It was good, and for sure visit the pub if you are in the vicinity, it's not too far from Spitalfields which is always good!