Monday, 14 September 2009

What I did this weekend

  • Had a great night out on Friday with colleagues
  • Got up too early on Saturday
  • Went to Portobello Market for the first time!
  • Spent Saturday with five of my closest friends
  • Tried a mint julep, realised they are disgusting, never again, unless I'm desperate
  • Talked, a lot
  • Said goodbye to J for a week and a half
  • Went to church for the first time in months
  • Saw a friend who I haven't seen for ages and caught up properly with her
All in all, a great weekend. And my first in London for a long time, which I loved! What did you do, anything exciting? And any tips for sleeping while your other half is away? I struggled last night... Even with my monkeys keeping me company.


Rachel said...

I always enjoy going to bed with a cup of tea & Vogue when Husband is away.

everybodysaysdont said...

I listen to a book on CD or ipod (nothing too gripping) and fall asleep to that...Good luck! Plus, cuddle my dog!
PS - John Bell & Croydon haven't got your tweezers, although they have loads!

kylli said...

I think you should call your sister and talk to her while your husband is away and chat yourself to sleep!! mind you the only day you will be able to catch me is my fri am - your thurs eve....

Marie said...

Rachel - Good idea, I found Sex & the city and a cup of tea did the same trick last night.

Everybody says don't - I like listening to the radio before sleep, tis a good point. And if only I had a dog... And thanks for looking on the tweezers!

Kylli - Sure will :)

westendmum said...

Wear one of his T.shirts to bed, preferably already worn.

Marie said...

Westendmum - that is such a good suggestion! Thanks. I shall trial it tonight.