Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A gastronomic Saturday

We had the first weekend in London together for an age! After finishing up at work with J's help we were over in Paddington and thought a nice walk to Marylebone could be in order. The weather was glorious!

And so we ended up at the Ginger Pig... Home to fabulous butchers and a mouth watering selection of meat. Seeing all those great steaks it seemed a good idea to purchase some giant rumps ready for dinner. A big fat meaty dinner.

We decided to make Bernaise Sauce to go with our steaks, and of course chips! Bernaise recipe was courtesy of Michel Roux Jr, whose cookery book I have, which is okay. Well the bernaise recipe is more than okay because it was delicious!! The book I am mixed about to be honest.

And boy was it a good steak, chips and bernaise. I was a happy girl, husband, good bottle of wine and giant plate of food!

Having been to the Ginger Pig, which happens to be next door to La Fromagerie, we couldn't resist just popping in for a small lump of cheese. For those London based readers if you like cheese and have never before been to La Fromagerie, go now!! It's cheese heaven, the European equivalent to Neals Yard. So much choice and you get to try it all too. So making your mind up is an even longer process, but a better one too.

We ended up with three cheeses, a lemony goats cheese, an Irish blue and a Southern French nutty hard cheese. I can't quite remember the names, but Cashel for the Irish Blue, and Napoleon for the French. The goats cheese I have no idea I'm afraid.

And there ended our gastronomic Saturday evening, and boy was it my kind of evening. Something we've not done for so long which was just so pleasant. Great food, time with J and a glorious London day. What more could you ask for?!


everybodysaysdont said...

Fantastic, and that cheese looks amazing! Yum! x

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i love how steak and fries is so easy to make but so indulgent. and cheese too! yum! perfect dinner.

Burger Monkey said...

I think it's time for lunch! Beefy goodness.

Rachel said...

La F. might have the best cheese but their staff are so snooty. Puts me off buying anything from them. Maybe the Marylebone shop is more friendly than our local one in Highbury?

The Ginger Pig is amazing though. In full agreement there!

westendmum said...

God that looks good. I haven’t tried steak since losing my vegetarianity in the Spring, but now I think I should. Ginger Pig here I come.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.