Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Meme - Ten things about me

The lovely Being Brazen (go read her blog if you haven't already) recently awarded and tagged me. Which is very exciting! So I now have to tell you ten things about myself and of course display my very pretty award :)

Here goes on the 10 things...
  1. I crave broccoli sometimes, especially when hungover or feeling like I have a cold
  2. Apparently I have long narrow feet, or at least the last two people who have been serving me while I've been buying shoes have told me this
  3. I am very easily distracted, especially when in a restaurant and there's an interesting conversation on the next table
  4. One of my favourite things is sharing meals with people, and the good conversation which normally goes with them
  5. I don't really like travelling on the tube. I avoid it where possible and mostly get the bus. Cheaper too!
  6. I love false eyelashes, they are the best
  7. Before I have children I want to drive the west coast of America
  8. I currently can't drive... Nor can J :)
  9. I shout at the TV and radio quite regularly, worryingly so perhaps...
  10. I also cry regularly while watching TV, any wedding, engagement, death, sad moment and I'm off
And now topass on the award and the tag if you want as well, I would certainly enjoy reading your ten things! But also really a nice excuse to pass on the love and award to some of the blogs I have really been enjoying recently.

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M x


Being Brazen said...
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Being Brazen said...

ha ha ha- i do the same...I also shout at the TV and I also get distracted easily. Plus i also cry alot

I want to drive from East coast of USA to West Coast America (I have already driven alot of West coast America)

Have a fab day!

Krista said...

Um ... how do you not like the tube? It's so fun! :)

And if you're ever in Canada, I'll help you learn to drive! Driving is fun, but the scary thing is not many people do it well. Um, commandeering a very heavy and fast piece of machinery is not something to take lightly. But if you learn to do it properly (with lessons), it is very fun.

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

thanks for the award! i used to drive but as a result of living in the city can't do it so much anymore. i let my bf do it for me. well i can do regular driving but highway driving scares me.

everybodysaysdont said...

Thank you so much! I shall answer the questions....xxxx

Gaynor said...

Yippee, thank you for the lovely award - will get thinking of my 10 things too!

I totally agree with 3 & 9! and 10 lately, I never used to cry at weddings and now I seem to all the time!

Make Do Style said...

I'm the same with 3 and 9 !!

chicncheap said...

This list is so nice. I think we would be great friends. I am VERY easily distracted, WISH but forgot to wear false eyelashes for my wedding, and drive ok but due to distraction got my first speeding ticket when I left the US (sigh gotta take care of that).

kylli said...

Weird - I crave brocoli and salad stuff too when hungover or rundown!