Friday, 6 March 2009


I was looking through some photos on my desktop here at work and came across this one of a beautiful centrepiece. It was at friend's wedding we went to a while back, before we were engaged. I remember thinking that if I ever got married I'd like centrepieces like this! But I love the deep purple, the beautiful roses and the thistle. The rose was a nod to the groom from Yorkshire and the thistle a nod to the groom from Scotland. Just to explain it was a civil partnership, I'm not going mad!


Krista said...

As soon as I read one groom then another groom, I figured what you meant. It's weird to see "civil partnershp" written, because in Canada, marriage is allowed between the same gender. (Of course, no church is required to marry two people of the same gender, but there are several religions that do. Not to mention, civil marriages are perfctly acceptable, too.

un-bride said...

I love the flowers signifying where they're from. Might try do to something like this. (Thistle + what?? ... hmmm.)