Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pretty packages

Yesterday I was having one of those days at work, and then at lunch time I went and met the lovely Indian Summers so I could receive my newly purchased earrings. Thankfully she only works around the corner from me so no waiting for packages to come in the post! They made me so very happy, pretty little dragonflys dangling from my ears. So I thought it apt to tell you lovely people about Indian Summers jewellery who can be found on her blog and on Etsy. Below are one of the beautiful pieces she has on her site, sorry there's no pictures of mine but I shall try and put one up, especially because the packaging was also just fabulous!

Photo from Indian Summers

And then this got me thinking that I shall resolve to try and buy all my jewellery and friend's gifts from Etsy and support all those people out there who are making such amazing things.


Krista said...

Wow, the colours in that pair are amazing ... can't wait to see yours!

Rachel said...

I loved the ones with rose quartz. But I am off shopping until I get a new job...

Does she work near us then, small world isn't it!

Marie said...

Krista - I'll try to sort it out very shortly

Rachel - I was trying to be off shopping but then I saw mine and they're the first pair I've liked in ages so... But yes she does work near use, very small world!

Krista said...

... Thank!

And I like how you "sticked it" by putting your name last. Haha. :)

I may just do that, too.