Monday, 23 March 2009


Last weekend we had a couple round for dinner who we haven't seen in a while. So J and I got excited, especially as this was the first time we were having people round since getting all our wedding gifts! So we wanted to use all our fun new things. And use them we did! One of my favourite things J did was to make foccacia. I haven't made bread since I was little and I used to make it with my sisters and mum and I had forgotten how lovely it is to see bread being made, and to smell it!

The bread turned out yummy, although the salty wash the recipe told us to put on it was a little too salty... But next time we'll remember and adapt it.

Then this weekend we also had friends round, sorry for the lack of photos of any of the other dishes but I got carried away eating them and forgot to photograph them! Suffice to say it made me remember how much I truly enjoy spending time sharing food and wine with people who I really like.


Indian Summers said...

Mmmm! That foccacia looks so tasty! Bread must be one of the most satisfying things to make.

Color Me Green said...

i love making bread, i've never tried foccaccia before though. yours looks delish!

Marie said...

It was very tasty. Must get J back to work soon :)

Lynne said...

That sounds lovely - what a nice thing to do in your newlywed life - bake bread together.