Thursday, 12 March 2009

Spring is coming!

Spring is on it's way! At last... It's so lovely to walk to work and see the crocuses and daffodils. I walk through St James Park on the way to work and thought I would share with you the loveliness I see each morning.

Hope you like it too! x


un-bride said...

Sigh ... I heart St. James' Park. And your whole eff-ing city. So there.

ps: It's sunny & we're wearing shorts & sandals in L.A. (Which is the only argument for living here.)

Rachel said...

Beautiful. Lincoln's Inn is also full of flowers and it is nice to be able to stop wearing gloves every day too! x

LK said...

I've been enjoying st james park too - one of the benefits of working at the moj. that first photo is lovely.

Color Me Green said...

So jealous you can walk to work! and have such pretty views!
I'm glad to have found your new blog! (I am Wounded Chef's alter ego btw).

Krista said...

I hate you for having views and places like that! :