Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Registry fun!

So one of the fun bits of getting married, apart from the wedding of course is the registry afterwards. We went for the John Lewis Gift List which suited us because they have a great range of kitchen things, mostly what we wanted :) It was great to go shopping without spending, although you can't help but feel a little guilty about this huge consumerist splurge you're going on without doing anything for it. Yes I know you're hosting a fabulous wedding but you know you haven't really done anything to deserve these gifts. Anyhow, more on that shortly, first to show you my boxes!

Then one of our favourite bits which is our new bookcase. We just love it. And you can also see the lovely decanter we were bought.

Finally our new bed linen. I really like this pattern.

Back onto gift lists, it's becoming more of a trend for young couples not to have a gift list. Partly because people already live together, have a house together and have all they need so a gift list no longer makes sense. Some people do honeymoon funds, which is a great idea. Others ask for cash, which is fine but for some reason I always feel a little dirty giving cash. I appreciate it makes sense but it just doesn't make me feel comfortable, I'd far rather get a gift. But then again I'd also rather get the couple something they want so wouldn't get a gift just because!

Anyhow, enough of my ramble, what did you do for your registry? What do you think about cash/honeymoon funds or other great ideas for wedding gifts.


EliandMe said...

We have gone down the whole John Lewis vouchers route too (for the same reasons, I don't feel quite comfortable asking for cash, and a honeymoon is gone in the blink of an eye). Also, because I want to spend an afternoon in John Lewis pretending I am a princess and can have anything I want. I might make Mickey pretend to be my butler.

Rachel said...

I just snorted into my coffee reading that S is going to get Mickey to pretend to be her butler!

We are having a list which my mother is holding so people can consult her if they wish. Mostly kitchen stuff, bedlinen, towels, that sort of thing. Plus wine to put in our cellar to drink at anniversaries in the future.

We didn't want to tie people to shopping at a particular shop.

But I didn't want to be too prescriptive either. So we may end up with some duplicates but we'll cross that bridge if we have to.

Marie said...

It is so much fun going round and buying things without worrying. I'll have to show you my favourite gift, one that no-one bought but everyone did too, in that we used our vouchers for it.
S - Love the butler idea, but what role would Eli play?

agirl said...

We originally insisted on not having anything at all, but my mother was so overwhelmed by requests for one that we set up a registry in the end with the Wedding Shop. But cause lots of our guests came from overseas, there were also very many cash envelopes on site on the day. I felt like some kinda mafioso counting out all the cash a couple days after the wedding. People can be incredibly generous.

Marie said...

agirl - I love the image of you counting cash like a mafioso.