Sunday, 22 March 2009

Twickenham and popping my Rugby cherry

I've never been to see live Rugby before. In fact I've only ever been to live Cricket so any 'real life' sporting event is all a bit new for me. And it just so happened that on Thursday J was offered two tickets to Twickenham to see England v Scotland in the Six Nations. And he jumped at the chance, which was good for me! So on Saturday morning off we went to Twickenham.

It was great, the match was brilliant, England won and the atmosphere was friendly and quite thrilling. I was surprised by a few things, such as England and Scotland fans all being mixed and being allowed to drink in the stands. But it all made sense because there's no need to split fans or ban drinking. Plus the people sat around us were really friendly and helped us to enjoy the day even more.

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