Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Clothes Swap

On Saturday my sister hosted a clothes swap party. It was a first for both of us and actually for the other girls who came too. And it was great fun!

We started with some wine and nibbles, to get us in the mood and getting to know each other a bit. Then we all displayed our wares... Which was quite fun, you feel like you want to sell your clothes as it would be sad to bring them all and then bring them all home again.

And then the fun began. The trying on. We all dived in and picked up pieces we liked, tried them, laughed or oohed and went on to the next piece. Gradually some pieces worked better on some people and piles grew of the clothes that were liked.

Once we had all finished going through everything we had what could be called an auction. Kind of. Each person in turn lifted up pieces they liked and on the whole they were uncontested. The couple of items that were contested were just agreed about by the people who wanted them. How much they wanted them how many other pieces they had etc.

I came away with a dress, two tops and a pair of shoes. I also got rid of a skirt and a couple of tops. So pretty even.

I would definitely do this again, when I have enough clothes to give away. I'm still trying to build up my wardrobe to contain enough stuff I love to be able to swap items!


Color Me Green said...

what a fun idea.

Being Brazen said...

I so want to go to a clothes swap - great idea

Redframe aka Modelmental said...

I've been wanting to do that FOREVER but always get stuck on wondering how it would work with sizes and whether I could bear parting with anything that's not too grotty to swop... Only with clothing am I a bit of a hoarder, everything else is relentlessly chucked when not perfectly useful or pretty anymore. Must try this!

Rachel said...

Sorry I couldn't come; it sounds like it was really fun. Perhaps we should have one again later in the summer. x

un-bride said...

I've done that once with the girls at my work. So much fun! And I like seeing the things I bought & never wore making someone happy

Marie said...

Sizes can be a bit difficult but somehow it ended up working. As long as you have enough people and enough stuff it should be fine! It was great fun. Also sorry for the lack of pictures but I didn't know the others that well and they might have thought me a bit weird to have been taking pictures of them :)

Redframe - Can I come to your clothes swap? I imagine you have the most amazing wardrobe, Carrie Bradshaw style!!

Rachel - yes definitely will do another one, summer sounds good too. x

Cate Subrosa said...

This sounds like such a good idea. I would always be worried though, that there would be one person who was bigger than everyone else and it would make them feel horrible!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Show us what you came away with!

LK said...

i was surprised at how little of a problem size was actually... although there were a few bits that didn't fit certain people, people didn't have to swap with people who looked similar size to them at all

anyway, thanks for coming, and glad you got some good stuff - your turn to host the next one!